saleboard is designed to manage your central master data, steering targeted distribution and your sales force. Our industry specific software for fast moving consumer goods covers your individual processes. The result – You can concentrate on your core business.

Industry-specific POS solutions for FMCG

We are expert in the development of POS solutions for almost 20 years. Sophisticated systems with future-oriented functionalities are our strength.

saleboard enables manufacturers, commercial agencies and freelancers, active in the field of fast-moving consumer goods, to use real time knowledge about your clients. Moreover our product creates transparency for optimizing your processes.


Our clients are represented in all major retail chains regionally and nationally. They supervise and control the distribution of consumer products to food wholesalers and retail stores. The majority of our FMCG clients belong to the confectionery, sweets, meat, sausage, dairy, beverage, and wine & spirits industry. Our customers are represented all over Germany and parts of Europe.

saleboard is a highly modular system. Depending on your requirements, it can be extended and optimized for your specific application. Doesn´t matter if you want to process orders or execute a complex sales force automation. Our solution is ready to go.


Ludwig Pirkl

„Prevent the point of sale from becoming a black box. We are partners for commercial agencies and manufacturers who want to monitor, promote and expand their sales force, product availability and representation digitally at the POS. In order to strengthen your company, we offer tailor-made solutions. In doing so, we rely on industry-specific know-how in line with state of the art software. “


Central sales management

The saleboard Portal offers an efficient and easy administration of your master data incl. customer base, trading structure, article master, listings, tour plan, tasks and actions. Moreover you benefit from a technical connection to your industrial partners. Whether your work with your own sales force, agencies, freelancers or mixed schemes, our saleboard portal is the reliable basis for efficient sales management.


Ideal visit planning and execution can be achieved by using our saleboard Fieldmanager. It will guide you through all the important activities at the point of sale (POS) quickly and in a targeted manner. This includes tour planning, control of your market passages, distribution, listing, action, facing survey, promotion, competitor information, up to the documentation with visit reports and action feedback./span>

Analysis and decisions

saleboard Power BI allows you to identify potentials at an early stage. According to your goals, the report on the set value/ actual value deviation enables you to detect problem causes immediately. The reporting tool is simply efficient and supports you quickly with clear information, graphics and tables. These are available anytime, anywhere. Evaluate correction and improvement tasks within minutes to be even more successful on the market.

Internal sales team

Benefit from a location-independent access to your central and compact information system. This is where individual information gets bundled. Be always up to date at the touch of a button. Receive feedback in real time about the implementation of measures executed by your external sales force.


Using saleboard, you will be ideally prepared for annual discussions with your key account customers. All article- and distribution- related information will be available. Decisions, made during your conversations are immediately returned to the system in form of actions, measures and passes.


Your target: keep an eye on POS data such as trend development and distribution. Create meaningful monthly, quarterly and annual reports within just a few clicks. According to your needs data can be evaluated based on customer groups, individual customers, product groups, sales items, product structures, sales organization. Those key process indicators can be analyzed down to the individual regional director and area manager.


Your field sales force gets supported by planning, execution and follow-up tasks. Save time, which can be invested directly in customer relationship. In addition, you are always in charge of all customer- and distribution-related data which gives you the opportunity to react directly to any situation on site.

Functions overview

Visit and task planning

With saleboard, you can ensure fast and efficient planning of your customer visits and tasks – automatically or by hand (special visits). The Google Maps integration allows you to plan and check your routes easily. Save valuable time for your field staff using visit reports, tasks, actions and measures. Our software solution also gives you the option to set up flexible task definitions for field service at different suppliers.

Visit preparation

This is your starting point. Get the perfect overview to save time and money. The smart visit preparation is divided into tasks, actions and measures. It contains all important information about orders, listing implementations, new services and out-of-stock. You also have the option to create flexible tasks for your field service or different suppliers. saleboard even offers an integrated picture documentation.

Order management

Our solution enables your field sales team to capture, edit and postprocess orders directly at the point of sale. It is although possible to provide the field service with directly received orders. In this case, you benefit from significantly faster response times, because orders go directly to your office staff and delivery to your clients is reduced by 1 day.

Passages /Run-throughs

  The customer-oriented and time-saving control of passages / run-throughs is very important to us. saleboard offers comprehensive options for analyzing your passages. Identify new potential at the POS in a structured manner and significantly improve your product placement and sales process.


Increase your product sales at the POS. saleboard guides you through tasks such as out-of-stock review, facing and surveys, passes, promotions, advertising arrangements and competitor information. Schedule all your activities like market run-throughs, listings, passages, tastings, promotions, displays and secondary placements in saleboard. Check your efficiency, visiting the POS. The point of sale becomes the picture of success.


The Business Intelligence Tool (BI) creates an amazing overview on your sales figures. A perfect basis for your business decisions. Big data becomes concrete, easy to handle and ready for use. You can create detailed reports and access them from anywhere. Stay updated on the qualitative and quantitative fulfillment of your goals and the actual situation at the POS.



Simple Operation in 4 steps

Content adjustment

We analyze your wishes and needs for your sales force management in a workshop together with you.


The saleboard platform will be configured and installed. In addition, your master data will be provided and processed.

& start

Your employees will be initially trained by our team. The training will be on-site in your company, tailored to your processes.

Result analysis

The first weeks of productive use will be followed up, reviewing the goals from the initial workshop. From now on, you are able to take over the steering wheel.


„With saleboard, we are able meet all the challenging requirements of our clients and involve more than 500 sales representatives. Our services such as POS management, POS service, merchandising, conversions and promotions are planned, implemented and evaluated centrally in saleboard.“

Maren Wilhelm

C-house Marketing GmbH
„With the saleboard analysis, I´m able to carried out distribution evaluations easy and fast. As a result of the potential analysis, I introduced new targeted tasks with the help of the sales force team. Together we improve the distribution of our products at the POS. The saleboard platform helps me to maintain transparency at the point of sale and to implement tasks for continuous improvement.”

Dénes Radmacher

CEO at Werder Feinkost GmbH

Software examples

Today´s tasks

Visit report

saleboard App

Modular built system

Modular system allows customized adaption

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